Data Foundry Platform API v2

The v2 API is made with Swagger/OpenAPI v2 compatibility. You can browse the documentation page with all available API methods (see information below).

OpenAPI is special because it allows you to generate API clients automatically from the API specification. The client generators are available for many programming languages and platforms. (We also use this to test our API internally.) Find more information about the Swagger Codegen here.

Get an API key (for the platform)

The platform needs a platform-specific API key, which can be obtained by contacting us. The API key is necessary for all API requests. Use this key for the header authentication field X-API-Key.

Get an API token (for a user)

Next to the API key, you need an API token that is specific to every user and will be generated by Data Foundry. Use this token for the header authentication field X-API-Token. The generated API token is valid for 30 days and can be retrieved by a user in the following four steps:

  1. Platform redirects user to API authentication page
  2. User enters credentials and copies the API token
  3. User enters the copied API token on platform
  4. Platform can access the Data Foundry with user permissions

This procedure ensures that the external platform will not process or store the user's credentials. The user-specific API token is also accessible from the user's profile page and can be reset or newly generated to disallow platform access.

Accessing API methods

You can find a complete list of API methods in the documentation page. Note that the USER method category is not accessible with the API key. If you need to use these methods, talk to us. :)