Implementation for some use-cases of the Data Foundry and some other ways for collecting data with the Data Foundry via the OOCSI service

Raspberry Pi 3b (in Python)

Get humidity and temperature periodically with DHT11 module and receive notifications from the TelegramBot of the Data Foundry


ESP32 / ESP8266 / Arduino Nano 33 IoT (board with WiFi)

Get light data for the environment and send to the Data Foundry via OOCSI upload stream with ESP32, ESP8266, or Arduino Nano 33 IoT, and observing the data with received information from download OOCSI stream


ESP32 in MicroPython

Want to communicate with OOCSI and Data Foundry in MicroPython with ESP32?


Arduino boards / Teensy 3.2 (non-WiFi board)

An alternative way to upload data to the Data Foundry via OOCSI with non-WiFi boards. In this case, the Arduino part will send (print) the sensor data to the serial port it's using, and the Processing part will read the data from the serial port with processing.serial library, then the data will be sent to the Data Foundry via OOCSI in Processing.

Reference: Teensy 3.2 / Arduino UNO with Processing (Github)


Sample code to demostrate sending / receiving interaction data to / from the Data Foundry by Processing app via OOCSI service

Reference: Collect data with Processing via OOCSI service (Github)

Web pages hosting

Steps for hosting web pages with a Complete dataset of Data Foundry

Reference: Hosting web pages (Github)

Upload Apple Health data to Data Foundry

Steps to configure the Apple Health app to share the data with Google Fit (and other apps)

Reference: Apple Health to Google Fit (Github)

Collect data with a (Telegram) chat bot!!

Collect data with a chat bot of Telegram via Script dataset


Online questionnaire survey

Collect data with online questionnaire by Form dataset in Markdown language

Reference: Questionnaire Form (Github)

Access Entity dataset with Script, IoT device, and OOCSI

Access data in Entity dataset by operating data from OOCSI with script

Reference: Script for passing IoT data to Entity dataset (Github)