Data tool

The data tool in Data Foundry helps with visualising, exporting and mashing-up datasets. The tool works in three steps:

  1. Select data
    1. You select one or more (up to three) datasets from projects that you can access (your own, collaborations, subscriptions and public datasets)
    2. Within the selected datasets you select the attributes that you would like to use.
    3. After any selection, you will see a rough estimation of available items on the right side.
    4. Click Proceed (only works if there are items available)
  2. Visualise
    1. Select attribute for x-axis
    2. Select attribute for y-axis
    3. Optional: Select attribute for color grouping
    4. Optional: Select sampling (if there are too many data items)
    5. Optional: Filter time by brushing over the lower bar (only for timeseries plots)
  3. Export
    1. Click export
    2. Wait for download to start

Chart types

If you select at least one timestamp ("ts") attribute in the first step, you will get a timeseries visualisation in the second step. Otherwise, the data will be plotted as a scatterplot.

Media and annotations

If you select a Media dataset in the first step, then the images in this dataset will be displayed with controls according to the timeseries visualisation above. You can berowse through the images with arrow buttons and also leave annotations. The annotations for every image will be stored in an annotation dataset (either existing in the project or newly created).