Add a participant

Inside a project that you are the project owner of (you created the project yourself):

  1. Click on manage resources on the right of your project page. Click "add participant" under the tab participants.

manage resources

  1. Depending on your study you can add one or multiple participants at a time. Choose one or multiple participants in the dialog.

add participant

  1. Fill in the name of the participant and email address. You need to send the sign-up link to the participants individually.

add participant

  1. When the participant receives the email they can either accept or decline the study.
    • When the participant accepts the study, the system sends automatically a response. The participant will now turn green in the manage resources screen.
    • When the participant declines the study, they have officially opted-out and will be shown as red in the manage resources screen.

Note: The participant setup will only be possible for the project owner and collaborators.